Sunday, May 12, 2019

Girlfight (2000) directed by Karyn Kusama (Mini-Review)

As a rule, I don’t like boxing movies. There have been exceptions (most notably Raging Bull), but the genre doesn’t interest me. But I do like Karyn Kusama movies. I had seen all four of her later features. The live action Aeon Flux movie is better than it’s reputation. And Jennifer’s Body, The Invitation and Destroyer is a great three film run which places her among my favorite directors. So despite its genre I looped around and watched her debut feature, starring Michelle Rodriguez as a young boxer.

It’s a clever touch to name her boyfriend Adrian. The opponent in the final boxing match is an even cleverer trick. In some ways it’s the typical narrative of a boxer from a tough background who overcomes. But it really won me over by the end. The final act does a really good job of dealing with male ego. Do I like Kusama's later movies more?* Yes. But that's more a reflection of my attitude towards the boxing genre than the film's quality.

Highly Recommended

*With the exception of Aeon Flux, which is better than its reputation, but still my least favorite Kusama movie.

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