Friday, May 3, 2019

Favorite Movies by Year

A few years ago, I made a list of my favorite movies by year (assuming I've seen a movie from that year going back to 1921 as a procrastination tool back when I was supposed to be doing a grad school assignment. I updated it recently:

1921- The Phantom Carriage
1922- Haxan (runner up: Nosferatu)
1923- Safety Last!
1926- The General
1927- Metropolis (runners up: Sunrise, The Lodger)
1928- The Passion of Joan of Arc
1930- Animal Crackers
1931- M (runners up: Dracula)
1932- Trouble in Paradise
1933- Duck Soup
1934- The Thin Man
1935- The 39 Steps
1936- My Man Godfrey
1937- A Day at the Races
1938- Bringing Up Baby (Runner up- The Lady Vanishes)
1939- The Rules of the Game
1940- His Girl Friday (Runner up- Night Train to Munich)
1941- Sullivan's Travels
1942- Casablanca (Runner up-Cat People)
1943- Shadow of a Doubt
1944- Arsenic and Old Lace (Runner up- Double Indemnity)
1945- Children of Paradise
1946- The Big Sleep
1947- Odd Man Out
1948- Unfaithfully Yours
1949- The Third Man
1950 Harvey (Runner Up- Rashomon)
1952- Singing in the Rain
1953- M Hulot's Holiday
1954- Rear Window
1955- Ordet
1956- The Searchers
1957- Wild Strawberries (Runners up: Throne of Blood, The Seventh Seal)
1958- The Magician
1959- North by Northwest
1960- The Virgin Spring
1961- The Hustler
1962- Cleo From 5 to 7
1963- Charade
1964- Dr. Strangelove
1965- Repulsion
1966- The Good the Bad and the Ugly (Runner up: Daisies)
1967- The Producers (Runner up: Quatermass and the Pit)
1968- 2001: A Space Odyssey
1969- Army of Shadows (Runner up: The Magic Christian)
1970- Le Cercle Rouge
1971- Harold and Maude (Runner up: McCabe and Mrs Miller)
1972- The Godfather (Runner up: Cabaret)
1973- The Wicker Man (Runner up: The Friends of Eddie Coyle)
1974- Mr. Majestyk (Runner up: Godfather II)
1975- Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Runner up: Picnic at Hanging Rock)
1976- Mikey and Nicky
1977- Smokey and the Bandit (Runner up: Star Wars)
1978- Gates of Heaven
1979- Alien (Runner up: Wise Blood)
1980- The Empire Strikes Back (Runner up: The Fog)
1981- Time Bandit
1982- The Thing (Runner ups: Blade Runner, Burden of Dreams)
1983- The Right Stuff- (Runner up: Videodrome)
1984- This is Spinal Tap/Blood Simple
1985- Better off Dead
1986- Manhunter (Runner up: Castle in the Sky)
1987- Raising Arizona (Runners up: The Princess Bride)
1988- My Neighbor Totoro
1989- Do the Right Thing
1990- Miller's Crossing
1991- Barton Fink
1992- Unforgiven (Runner up: Candyman)
1993- Groundhog Day (Runner up: The Piano)
1994- Barcelona/Quiz Show/Ed Wood
1995- Strange Days
1996- Fargo
1997- LA Confidential (Runner up: Grosse Point Break)
1998- Out of Sight
1999- Being John Malkovich
2000- O Brother Where Art Thou (Runner up: Sexy Beast)
2001- The Royal Tennenbaums (Runner up: Waking Life)
2002- About a Boy
2003- Matchstick Men
2004- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2005- Serenity
2006- Pan's Labyrinth (Runners Up: Volver, A Scanner Darkly)
2007- No Country For Old Men
2008- In Bruges (Runner up: The Hurt Locker)
2009- Inglourious Basterds
2010- Winter's Bone (Runner up: The Social Network)
2011- Tree of Life
2012- Bernie
2013- Life of Crime
2014- Calvary (Runners up: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Inherent Vice)
2015- The Witch (Runners up: What We Do In the Shadows, Mad Max Fury Road)
2016- Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Runners up: Arrival, Hail Caesar)
2017- Blade Runner 2049 (Runners up: Get Out, Phantom Thread)
2018- Annihilation (Runner up: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs)
2019 (so far)- Avengers: Endgame/Us

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